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Moldovan Cinema Week in Washington, DC

March 8, 2021 @ 9:00 am March 15, 2021 @ 1:00 pm

The Republic of Moldova is honored to participate for the first time at the DC Francophonie Cultural Festival and to celebrate the diversity and richness of Francophone values and culture. As part of this event event the Republic of Moldova will present the first ever ”Moldovan Cinema Week” which will take place from March 8 to 15. The free movies are in the Romanian language with French subtitles.

To register, please sign up using this Eventbrite link and stay tuned for the access link to the movies: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/moldovan-cinema-week-tickets-140864307937

The 2021 edition of the Virtual Cinema includes the following Moldovan movies:

SALIX CAPREA (Moldova, Romania, 2018)
Two years ago, the American guests planted two thousand trees on the meadow at the edge of the village. Now, they want to see how their plantation is doing. The Mayor quickly heads to the meadow to check the state of the plantation. Much to his dismay, the villagers’ goats have already eaten all the trees. Production OWH Studio in coproduction with Amprenta Films. Producer: Virgiliu Mărgineanu Director: Valeriu Andriuță Co-producers: Valeriu Andriuță, Iulia Andriuță, Mariana Liurca

PAPARUDA (Moldova, 2016)
In a village hit by drought, Dumitru starts a quest for water. Ioana, the girl who accompanies him in this pursuit, is a silent witness of the baseness of people they meet on their way. (Paparuda is a magical ritual calling for rain in times of drought). The film was created as part of a project between Moldova, France, and Germany. Director and Writer: Lucia Lupu

SPECTRUM (Moldova, 2018)
In a tragic accident, the husband died, the wife, Eva, seriously injured, remains alive. A closed chapter, but actually continuing with Eve’s return home after a long hospital stay. A deserted and cold house, covered mirrors reflecting a bleak day of the funeral, a fatal day that leaves no room for a new life. The home mirrors become Eve’s nightmare, the frightening sensations that convey to her, leave no doubt about something unreal that haunts the house. Director and Writer: Igor Sadovski

EU SUNT DORIN (Moldova, Romania, 2020)
Dorin is a student. He lives in the country and comes back to the capital to attend an exam for a Bachelor’s degree. Not his own exam but on behalf of someone else. To assume the other student’s identity, he meets his mother to discuss details and negotiate a price. With no place to sleep in the city, he decides to spend the night in his ex-girlfriend’s dorm, who left for Italy. He spends the night with no sleep, while getting drunk and witnessing an attempted rape. The next day, he attends the exam. Production: Amprenta Films in coproduction with Fantascope Films. Producer: Iulia Andriuță Co-producers: Florin Șerban, Mariana Liurca

MILIKA (Moldova, 2015)
Milika is an artistic film, a co-production between France, Poland, and the Republic of Moldova. The drama about the fate of a little girl, whose parents are separated and who have each started a different family, but she stays with her grandmother. Director and Writer: Valeriu Jereghi