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Romanian and Moldovan Artists at Artomatic

March 8 @ 12:00 pm April 28 @ 9:00 pm

Artomatic, Washington DC’s premier arts festival that’s “by artists, for everyone,” transforms a space into a temporary celebration of art, music, dance and more. For the 2024 edition, Artomatic will take place in downtown DC at 2100 M Street NW from March 8 through April 28. At this year’s edition there are no fewer than ten artists from Romania and the Republic of Moldova: Mari Calai, Ramona Militaru and those curated by Romanian at Heart: Pandi Dacu, Doina Dascălu, Andreia Gliga, Cristian Ianculescu, Daniela Kammrath, Mihaela Marin, Vasiluța Vasilache and IraVish (Irina Vishnevskaia).

Artomatic draws hundreds of artists and performers from throughout the DC, Maryland and Virginia area for a seven-week FREE exhibition to celebrate the arts! The exhibitions are open Wednesday through Thursdays from 5:00 pm until 9:30 pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 noon until 12:00 midnight and on Sundays from 12:00 noon until 9:00 pm. The venue is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Since downtown parking is limited, the organizers encourage everyone to take Metro to Farragut North, Foggy Bottom or Dupont Circle.

Mari Calai (Atelier 206) participates with a selection of works she put together under the name of “Răsunete” (Echoes in Romanian). In this exhibition, she showcases a series of objects she collected throughout the years mostly from Romania. These are echoes from her past, some of them served as mystical objects, others as a reminder of her roots.

Ramona Militaru (Atelier 305) uses mixed media – broken glass, bullet casings, metal shavings and cicada wings mixed with more traditional paints and processes – to translate feelings of turmoil into physical expressions of emotion. Through her experiences, she sees existence as a series of transformations, where our soul is ”distilled” through the ecstasy and agony of life itself.

“Romanian At Heart” collective led by Daniela Kammrath, unveiled at Artomatic an exhibition titled “Nostalgic” (Atelier 852) featuring works by talented artists from Eastern Europe including from Romania and the Republic of Moldova. These artists bring their latest creations that beautifully capture elements of Romanian history and life.

Pandi Dacu captures candid snapshots of rural life, vividly portraying the raw emotions of her latest visit to a Romanian village. The longing for home is palpable, reminiscent of conversations with village elders that beckon memories of my childhood holidays in rural Romania.

Doina Dascalu sheds light on an emblematic part of Romanian history with her portrayal of the Parliament Palace (People’s Palace), showcasing the sacrifices made by the Romanian people to realize the dreams of communist leaders. Her revealing pictures offer a glimpse into the intricate architectural details of a tumultuous past, echoing hopes for a brighter future.

Andreia Gliga brings nature and tradition to life, complementing visitors’ emotional journeys with clay spoons adorned with Romanian symbols and vibrant botanical paintings celebrating the spirit of Spring.

Cris Ianculescu (Atelier 822) returns with some of his exquisite new work in marble, alabaster, clay, and wood for an opportunity to reconnect with fellow artists and to meet new faces.

Mihaela Marin‘s art invokes joy and a connection to one’s inner child with themes, colors, and shapes that inspire playfulness amidst tranquility.

Vasiluța Vasilache‘s extensive, vibrant paintings, part of her “Healing Plants” series, reflect her boundless creativity and optimism, starkly contrasting with her memories of Chișinău in the Republic of Moldova in the 1990s.

IraVish (Irina Vishnevskaia) shares a unique piece from the series of paintings on kilim, “Dreams of my Childhood,” which aim to preserve the beauty and customs of the Gagauz nation. Her homespun carpets, painted in romantic primitivism, tell stories of tradition and heritage.