Romanians of DC Annual Community Awards

In November 2020, at its Annual Meeting, the Board of Romanians of DC has approved the creation of a Community Award designed to recognize individuals and organizations who have shown / brought a significant contribution to the Romanian-American community in the greater Washington, DC area.

Why: The important contributions of some of the most active individuals and organizations in our community are often overlooked or taken for granted. The Community Awards therefore play an important role in giving recognition to those most deserving members and organization and encourage further participation in community activities. Such awards are also an important component of a well-organized community.

When: The Awards are announced each year in early December (but after the National Day Celebrations / Events). As directed by the board, each year the award will only be presented to a maximum of three individuals or entities.

How: In the Fall of each year, Romanians of DC opens a public nomination process, through which it will accept submission for consideration from members of our community. The nomination process outlines the selection criteria, highlighting the fact that these awards are designed to recognize primarily those who had a significant and positive impact on our own local community.

2021 Recipients of the Romanians of DC Community Awards (see announcement)

  • Dr. Eliot Sorel
  • Mr. Gheorghe Florea

2020 Recipients of the Romanians of DC Community Awards (see announcement)

  • Holy Cross Romanian Orthodox Church
  • Saint Andrew Romanian Orthodox Church