Romanian Community Directory

In April 2021, Romanians of DC announced the launch of the first ever Romanian Community Directory for the Washington, DC Metropolitan area (DMV). The directory, hosted on this website, has constantly grown and now includes over 275 companies, organizations, churches, restaurants, and other entities grouped in some 33 different categories.

The directory comes to address some of the most frequent questions posed on our social media channels and also on the local Facebook groups. Where is the nearest Romanian restaurant? Where can I find a Romanian mechanic, electrician, or appliance repairman? Are there any Romanian dentists, doctors, or lawyers? Where do I find Salam de Sibiu, Timișoreana or Eugenii? Who can help me paint, repair or add an addition to my home? You can now find answers to all these questions in one of the largest community directory in the U.S.!

The directory also includes a listing for the elected officials representing the Romanian and Moldovan Diasporas in the two national Parliaments, national and international media organizations covering our local community, and the governmental organizations responsible directly for Diaspora. While the directory normally includes only Romanian owned or managed business and organizations, it does list some 17 Eastern European grocery stores as there is only one specific “Moldovan / Romanian” establishment in the Washington, DC area. It should however be mentioned that most if not all of these Eastern European groceries stores do sell Romanian and/or Moldovan products. Similarly, the directory also includes some nine Eastern European restaurants both from the immediate area and further afar who serve similar dishes. The list does include the two Romanian restaurants in the area, including one located in the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia.

One can also find in the directory anything from a local beautician, piano teacher, mover, photographer, realtor to a Jiu-Jitsu or fencing instructor as well as wine distributor or travel agent. And while this is a comprehensive directory, there is always room for improvement. As such Romanians of DC invites anyone to add their business to the directory by using the form located on that same page.

It should be noted that the listing of an organization, company or any other entity in this Community Directory does not represent an endorsement by Romanians of DC. As stated above, the directory includes only Romanian owned or managed business and organizations and will not list on-line companies or other entities that are not local. Romanians of DC reserves the right to either refuse the listing of an entity or to remove it at its sole discretion. An existing listing may be taken down at the written request of the owner / manager.

You can access the directory at