Romanians of Washington, DC Joins FORA and Other Romanian-American Communities in Their Support for the People of Ukraine

On Friday, February 25, FORA, the Federation of Romanian American Organization issued a statement on behalf of the Romanian-American Community affirming our “solidarity with the Ukrainian Community and strongly condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the loss of human life caused by this unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation.” Romanians of Washington, DC, a founding member of the Federation, fully supports the statement issued by FORA, states its support for the Ukrainian people and for the Romanian community in that country, and denounces the blunt violation of international law and disregard for the rights of the Ukrainian people to freely choose their future.

It its statement, FORA further notes that “with the war now at Romania’s border, our Diaspora urges decision makers in the U.S. and all NATO allies, as well as the general public, to focus on providing critical assistance to Romanian authorities and civil society stakeholders involved in emergency response operations intended to provide needed humanitarian assistance and safe haven to incoming civilian Ukrainian refugees.”

Romanians of Washington, DC invites everyone who wishes to show their support for the Ukrainian refugees arriving these days in large numbers in Romania and the Republic of Moldova to consider donating to the “Ukrainian Peace Fund” a campaign initiated by the Romanian United Fund (RUF) with the support of the Embassy of Romania to the United States, the Consulate General of Romania in Chicago, FORA (the Federation of Romanian American Organizations), and Repatriot or to the account set up by the Moldovan Ministry of Finance for humanitarian donations in support of the Ukrainian people.

To donate to the “Ukrainian Peace Fund” please visit: Romanian United Fund is a 501(c)3 International Charity Organization, registered in the state of Illinois and has a 100% pass-through model, which means every dollar donated is granted to one of the partner organizations. 

Contributions to the Moldovan Ministry of Finance fund can be made in Moldovan lei, as well as in US dollars or euros. The accumulated financial resources will be used to provide humanitarian assistance to the citizens of Ukraine affected by the war. Additional information available here.

Beneficiary: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova – State Treasury
IBAN: MD07NBPAAP144121A01344QI
Fiscal code: 1006601000037
Beneficiary’s bank: National Bank of Moldova
Correspondent bank: Federal Reserve Bank of New York, NY
SWIFT: FRNYUS33, account no. 021087125

Contributions can also be made to other reputable relief organizations working on the ground in Ukraine. A list is available on the USAID Ukraine Crisis Fund page.

FORA is an umbrella organization that unites the Romanian-American communities in a single collaborative forum for mutual support. It represents the interests of its member  organizations and of the Romanian-American community at large in its interaction with the American public, as well as with officials from Romania and the Republic of Moldova. FORA is a not for profit independent entity, with no political, business, or religious affiliations.